Why us?

  • Customers can focus on their core-business activities and own products and services.
  • One Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) for all MVS Support activities.
  • Customers don’t need to invest in stocks, logistics, purchasing and knowledge to be able to support a wide range of different brands and models.
  • Customers will not have any limitations in providing solutions to end-users because of lack of knowledge, resources or support options.
  • The wide range of products and services, as well as our professional approach, will allow our customers to be able to grow their MVS business.
  • Our services will be cost-saving because scalability of our services enables our customers to take advantage of our competitive prices and added values.

10 Good Reasons for choosing RLS/RHS as MVS partner

The distinctive character of our organization emphasize the benefits of a partnership with our organization. Highlights of our USP’s:

1. Free aditional services
Our Monthly Prices for Logistics Support (Spare Parts Supply) includes the following free additional services:
  • Technical Support (hardware- and OS- support)
  • Call-screening
For larger projects we will include the following additional services without extra cost:
  • Specialist on-site to assist the Field Engineer in case of escalations
  • Field Engineer Training
2. Pricing and discounts
  • Exceptional good value for money (price – quality ratio).
  • No inflation adjustments.
  • Standard discount for major accounts.
  • Additional Project discount depending on the size of the project and the period of performance.
  • Renewal discount for prolongation of an agreement.
3. Effective comunication
  • Fast and easy communication because of short communication lines.
  • Very reactive in Incident- and Problem management.
  • Proactive communication.
  • Listening to our customers, discover needs and requirements to be able to adjust our products and services.
4. Efficient processes
  • Good organized and fast deal transition, -implementation and -engagement processes.
  • Customized, own-developed and flexible Incident Management System.
5. Extensive Portfolio
  • A wide range of products and services.
  • Customized Support Solutions (selectable services).
6. Flexibility
  • The flat organization structure and strong partner network allows us to be fast in responding to quotes and fast in reacting to problems and escalations.
  • Main goal will always be to find a solution to reduce end-users downtime in case of mission-critical situations. Regardless of what brand, product, location or SLA and whether or not the system is in contract with us, we will always try the best within our possibilities.
  • We are able to support difficult products like EO(S)L-products or relatively unknown products.
  • We allow customers to add and remove equipment from support during the course of a contract.
  • When facing substantive modifications to some aspect of our business, we are very well prepared to adapt successfully to a more rapidly changing business environment. We are flexible and can adjust processes to customer’s requirements and wishes.
Flexibility in our solutions and approaches will be achieved by effective communication combined with a flexible attitude whilst maintaining professionalism respecting existing agreements and company policies.
7. No conflicts of interest
  • We don’t communicate with end-users directly and we don’t have our own Field Service Organization. Therefore there will never be a conflict of interest.
  • Any other possible business conflict will be avoided by signing a NDA.
8. Focus on Quality
  • We guarantee a Service Performance Level of >95%.
  • Quality is very important to us. Every part we stock is tested, cleaned, packed in anti-static sealed bag and characterized as “equal to new”. Warranty on all parts will be one year. Ready to ship and presentable to the end-user.
  • We have processes in place to manage the quality of our performance and also the quality of the performance from our vendors and partners. With these processes we are able to continuously improve the quality to reduce or avoid issues as much as possible. Admission and recognition of the weak points and failures within our own organization is an important part of the process to be able to actually improve.
9. Reliable service you can trust
  • We will never offer something we can't do.
  • If we say we can do it, then we can and it will be done right.
  • We are always willing to admit and recognize our weak points and failures.
10. Long term vision
  • Every decision is focused on establishing a sustainable relationship.
  • We are very well prepared to adapt successfully to a changing business environment.